Crowle Gardens Archival Recording


The heritage item is located at 8 Junction Street, Ryde., and within the local government area of City of Ryde Council. The subject site is within a block bounded by Belmore Street to the northwest, Junction Street on the northeast and Porter Street to the southeast. The current condition of building fabric on the site ranges from poor to sound.

The Federation cottage and associated gardens, known as the Crowle Home, and formerly known as “Tellaraga”, is located at 8 Junction Street, Ryde. It is a place with historic and aesthetic heritage significance at local level. The place has historic significance for its associations with the early subdivision patterns and residential development of Ryde. A Federation style cottage was constructed in 1904 as the residence for George Australia Denning and his family. From 1901 until 1944, associated gardens, paddocks and outbuildings developed as part of the family residence. From 1952 until the present, the property was occupied by the Crowle Foundation, a group dedicated to the accommodating and providing care and employment for people with intellectual disabilities. The Foundation has associations with William Alfred Leopold Crowle a prominent philanthropist. During the Crowle Foundation occupation associated buildings with little heritage significance were constructed. The cottage and landscape elements, including circular drive, gateposts, palisade fence, tree plantings and Crowle war memorial garden are elements that remain and contribute to the historic and aesthetic significance of the place.

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